Sunday, February 05, 2023

Warning: Politics

Over the years I have only very rarely touched upon politics, outside of the corruption intrinsic to certain types of scientific publication. This post is more political. You know where the back-button is if you need it!

This is the settlement section of my own personal sewage treatment works, better known as a septic tank, about which I know far more than I would prefer. Certain components of household waste float to the top, much as some politicians do in political parties. I can definitely see Boris Johnson up near 12 o'clock, Richboy Sunak close by on his right, Nadhim Zahawi over towards 3 o'clock and I recently had to have the sh*t pumped out to get rid of the smell from Matt Hancock (so he's gone, thank goodness). Liz Truss has sunk.

I'm largely apolitical. If I had to characterise myself it would be mildly left of centre. I had never heard of Prof Sunetra Gupta before I heard her on the RCPath webinar talking about covid and epidemiology in early 2020. That was well before the days of the Great Barrington Declaration.

She is very comfortable to describe herself as a staunch socialist. This is her talking about Jeremy Corbyn. For those outside the UK he was the very left wing Labour Party leader rendered unelectable by the UK main stream media. This is what Prof Gupta had to say:

Ultimately her point is that Corbyn would not have made a morbidly obese type 2 diabetic bus driver work through the whole of the pandemic while some zero risk middle management bloke was paid to stay at home hiding behind his sofa and working on Zoom to carry on "running" the country. One of my neighbours, a renal transplant recipient with insulin resistance from immunosuppressive meds, had to get a job as a Tesco delivery driver because he lost his pre-covid job as a direct result of the first lockdown. Go figure.

I have to state that I have almost never, ever even considered voting for the Labour Party in any election. I don't do the whole "Looney Left" thing. But I have done so just once.

That was in 2019 and it was only because Corbyn was the party leader.

Not because I approve of all of his policies and life decisions (FFS, he's a vegetarian!) but, primarily, he is one of the few UK politicians who did not massively fiddle his parliamentary expenses claims in the 2008/9 scandal. He's not a crook. There might be a handful of other politicians around the world in this category but they're like hen's teeth. Recall my septic tank and what floats to the top.

So I have a great deal of respect for Jeremy Corbyn. Especially after the clear cut demonstration during the last three years of how the main stream media works with misinform to promote an agenda. Before covid I massively underestimated the influence of the MSM. How could anyone believe this crap? My bad.

So it was nice to see Liberty Places put out this tweet

Fact: would never go to Davos, never send arms to Ukraine, never ignore vaccine harms, never bow to the IMF, UN, NATO or EU technocrats. Many need to admit they got him wrong.

I don't think Liberty Places (not all of whose posts do I agree with) are exactly Socialists by any stretch of the imagination!

Corbyn was replaced by Starmer, who was interviewed by Emily Maitlis. There was about 30-40 minutes of drivel before the final quick fire questions, I listened to it all. This is the most telling few seconds, the rest is in the same vein:

The full interview video appears to have been removed from Youtube and I clipped the above few seconds from this guy's channel. Had to use Brave running under Linux to find it.

There is a reasonably accurate summary/partial transcript at The Conservative Woman. If you ever find the whole video then Starmer's hatred of Corbyn and his preference for the company of Piers Morgan (inset vomit emoji here) over Corbyn was emphatic and understandable, if morally reprehensible. Like the WEF/parliament clip, the Corbyn/Morgan clip is right at the end of the interview in the quickfire questions section.

This person, Starmer, is likely to be our next PM. As Lord Sumption discussed with Jay Bhattacharya, all those years ago in 2021, we might be witnessing the collapse of Western Democracy. That seems to be progressing pretty well.

The current divide is not between Left and Right, these are irrelevant. It's more individuals vs globalists.

Most people don't realise.


Edit: can't resist re publicising this from Bob Moran:

and this piece of ancient history too. Have to be fair to both sides:


  1. Well Said!
    So much Dross, so little integrity and we voted for it!!!!!
    And all of it topped off by a WEF Shill proclaiming 10 years to save the world.
    God help us all.
    Voting only changes the colour of the crime - BRING BACK THE GUILLOTINE.
    ANDREW BRIDGEN is so far the only person I would trust out of the whole lot.
    Revolution Anyone?

  2. Being in the US and therefore less familiar with politics elsewhere, it's always interesting to see someone else's take on their home politics. I completely agree about Left versus Right – it's all uniparty now. They keep us focused on Left versus Right to distract from more important distinctions.

  3. Yes cave, it's very hard to tell Left from Right today. Almost every policy about anything appears to be utilised for a globalist agenda, if that's not too general a term.

    C, a hard revolution would simply bring on martial law and rapidly accelerate the loss of civil liberties that we are being herded towards. I suspect most scenarios have been gamed for years to ensure we lose. If Corbyn set up his own party there is a minute pool of people available to become its politicians without the septic tank result. People such as Robert Malone are talking about stepping out of cooperation with the multinationls but I still need petrol, house insurance, to pay road tax etc etc. An acre and a half of ground puts me in a luxurious position but I am still absolutely part of the system.


  4. Peter, I too find that so much of what has gone on in recent years is just utterly crass and shameful. It's been exasperating to me. All that, and the rank collective denialism on so many fronts has tripped a wire for the unjabbed high-fat/low-carb atheist-republican me. I saw a quote from a NZ Doc (Emanuel Garcia), which went something like... "the real pandemic is wilful naiveté, and our greatest danger cowardice".

  5. Cap'n, I find Robert Malone's argument about 5th generation warfare very disturbing. Quite what any of us can do is difficult. I'm not sure growing our own food is a solution...

    I'd love our current problems to be due to incompetence, always the best bet, but aspects of the pandemic seemed scripted at the time and much of the oncoming climate response bullshit seems coordinated and scripted too.

    I'd love to be wrong. Oddly I'm not depressed by it, I'm a pragmatist so I wonder what I should be doing in addition to using cash at Tescos as often as I can. And that latter is just a reverse virtue signal, makes me feel better though!


  6. Peter, nice rant. As far as your personal drains go -- living with a septic tank system I have to careful. The combination of sat fat plus coffee grounds can make something like a floating cement raft of fatball which is hard to remove. We had to use crowbars to break it up before it could be pumped last time. Now, any fat which we can't rescue from frypans to re-use we wipe with kitchen paper and bin before washing. If you wash dishes by hand use heaps of dish soap to emulsify the fats well. Most people use far too little. Then , caustic soda down the drains to saponify blockages if necessary.

    I wish there were metaphorical equivalents to those solutions in the political context. A good crowbarr-ing to winkle glued on candidates away from their electorates for instance. And a good purging with caustic sarcasm.

    I apologise for any personal responsibility I may have for the Rise of Rupert since he got his start in my home town and I may have bought some of his papers in the past. The mass media, well, bleedin' obvious innit? Just pro-profit influencers. I thought Corbyn was (is) a thoroughly decent individual but unequipped to deal with the viciousness of mainstream anti-socialism. 'Labour' parties by and large are just as interested in power, influence and being filthy rich as any other flavour of politics.

    I was having a discussion with my son about the latest fad for AI chat/whatever you want to call it. I have more blunt words for it while he is an enthusiast. It seems to me to be exactly the same sort of condensed and popularised summarising that we've seen in the dumbed down media for generations, on steroids. It will probably generate a whole new swag of instant experts who lack analytical prowess and I fear it will not end well. Think of the miscegenating possibilities of fake news versus AI? Or is that a tautology ?

    " far from being a moral force, reason is no more than an administrative method. "

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  8. PS "fake news versus AI"

    My first job as a teenager was in the IT section of a building society. Early days, primitive anthropomorphic machines. One of them was named "GIGO".

    Garbage in, garbage out.

  9. Pass, doesn't caustic soda damage the septic bugs? The septic tank gets the same respect as kombucha, kefir, and vegetable cultures (aside from the obvious contributions, of course!) No food scraps whatsoever—the compost is happy to receive those. GIFO: Garbage In, Fertilizer Out. Greasy dishwater gets dumped under a nearby bush which, being in a desert environment, it seems to appreciate.

    Covid has turned this former liberal into an apolitical a-pox-on-all-their-houses cynic. So much flux. I can't help wondering if this is what it felt like at the end of the Roman empire or any other major civilization.

    1. Then you get FIFO, fertilizer in, food out. We make compost from scraps. Caustic, used rarely but doesn't seem to be a problem. 50 or 100g in 300 litres is a weak solution, homeopathically pH raising. Our kitchen sink goes to the septic by legal requirement altho we redirect the bathwater to a reed pond. (Illegally.)

  10. Pass, AI always makes me think of CETI. Only maybe we should start with CTI... Have to admit there are certain jobs AI can do remarkably well (my wife is working with it in histopathology) but clearly if you train it on the CDC's prolific misinformation diarrhoea then your AI is going to spout faeces.

    After I'd replaced the pump in the distribution chamber of the system I had that pumping chamber emptied out but left the settlement tank alone as my neighbour (from whom I bought the house and who built the system) assured me it didn't need pumping out. Turns out that 30 years of poop *does* raise the level of solid waste to where it blocks the transition pipe. Hence extracting Matt Hancock to clear this. In general it seems to cope with the fat pretty well so far.

    cave, yes I've always been told caustic soda is a no-no but occasionally I needed it in the last house's system and seemed to get away with it.

    Yep, politically homeless...


  11. Where I am we would call them Abbots or Morrisons. And it was hard to get them out after a few years in our two chamber septic system as mentioned above. Also from our two chamber parliamentary system. Every year or two is recommended. For both.

  12. Cavenewt, there must have been mutliple reasons but the event known as the plague(s) of Justinian is thought to have finally bought the Roman Empire crashing down and in turn lead to the rise of other hegemonies in the previously Roman dominated regions. The Arabs in the middle east, Saxons in England etc. That's similar to what us going on atm.

    A good plague seems to sweep through an empire like a hawk through a flock of sparrows. Too many sparrows then the hawk population increases.

    That's my metaphorical work done for the day. I wish.

  13. @Peter, I watched the Malone presentation for a second time - besides the odd clip here and there. He gets a lot of flak, but I'm with him. I think. I used to play rugby against the various warships that docked in Bahrain and Dubai in the late 70/80's, and then later 90's and early 2000's (...older and wiser?), as well as partake in typical after game drinking sessions, and it was a bit disturbing to come to understand how some of the various ships crew were so brainwashed (I'll let you guess which), and I'm from a military family! It's much more than just cultural differences, which I clearly saw when mixing with US and Canadian kids schools whilst at a BOAR boarding school in Germany in the 60's. Anyway, the higher the rank, and the skill, the more this became evident. It basically came down to more training (propaganda), I would guess. Anyway, the extension of the point that I'm trying to make is that there does appear to me to be a hell-bent drive, in whatever manner, in humankind, to enslave our fellow man. It's what it's all about. It runs through history like a stick of Blackpool Rock. Now, we have clearly seen this phenomena with the blossoming of feckless toadies during the Covid imbroglio. Karen's also do seemingly morph into Jacinda's to boot! Control, control, control.

  14. Peter, You may recall that sometime back I sent you a rambling missive (by email) on Transposons, Polintons, Exosomes. Sorry! Anyway, but you can now add plasmids to that. Anyway, its kinda interesting in that many of the independent 'experts' on the 'outside' of SARS/Covid are turning in on each other over the unfolding likelihood that 'received' so-called viruses/virology is/are not a thing per se. The 'agents' of infection are being considered as but genetic elements found within exosomes that originate from spliced-in genetic 'strings' within plasmids (Pseudomonas aeruginosa that causes 10% of all hospital infections is more particularly being implicated). Seemingly, it's all been a big wild goose (or bat) chase? Viral vaccines, particularly mRNA ones, are, as such, something of an out of control casino game writ large as a direct result of buggering about with plasmids in cat-and-mouse, superpower bio-warfare, 'games'. Now, my biology is kinda limited to me-myself, g'kids & snot, fish and shellfish. What are your thoughts on all this? I'm sure you are up to speed on it.

  15. Cap'n "it was a bit disturbing to come to understand how some of the various ships crew were so brainwashed"

    Interesting to do the arithmetic on which country has comitted the greatest number of international homicides in the last 20 years. But just doing the good work.

    "The most important large animal that kills humans is us, largely through homicide ",beasts%20and%20pestilence%20or%20plague

  16. Exosomes, holy c#$ptank. The wikipedia summary is all I can handle atm. Wild stuff. Nanobots? picobots? Wonder how this relates to Michael Levin's cellular bioelectricty ideas??

    eg Bioelectric signaling: Reprogrammable circuits underlying ...

  17. Pass, Tks for the 'riders' link. I very much enjoyed finding Mattias Desmet during recent troubled times. His views chime with mine (mass-capture). Interestingly, I read a review of his book today from 4th Feb. in the Off-Guardian ( The last point (see following) chimes with my view on the higher military ranks, as well as the Karen's-to-Jacinda's et al. It's kinda funny, but all sectors in life are (inexplicably?) drawn to their collective jamborees, and/or bun-fights, and the 'higher' WEF/Davos knees-up is just more of the same. Santa Klaus worked this one out very well! Ya just gotta be seen about town as being a 'player'!! Vanity of vanity's, all is vanity.

    ...individuals who are hypnotized by mass formation exhibit the following otherwise inexplicable tendencies.

    ~ They believe in the Leader’s story not because it’s true but because it creates a new social bond. This bond is not between individuals but between the individual and the collective.

    ~ They act as if the rest of reality, apart from the story that relieves their anxiety, no longer exists.

    ~ They must at all times show that they submit to the interest of the collective by performing self-destructive, symbolic (ritualistic) behaviors

    ~ They have radical intolerance of dissenting voices

    ~ Destroying dissenters becomes critical to them

    ~ They lose interest in everything they value without noticing it, and are thereby willing to give up everything they value

    ~ The most educated are the most vulnerable to mass formation

  18. Pass, The Four/Fifth Horsemen? There are a few more than that

  19. Fauci has a paper on coronavirus vaccines in Cell.

  20. @ Gyan, Mike Eades gave a run down on the Fauci paper:

    The Fauci Paper on Vaccines
    I’m glad this paper came out. But I think everyone is looking at it the wrong way.

    According to Scott Atlas, Fauci isn’t given much to reading the scientific literature. I doubt Fauci played much, if any, role in the writing of this paper.

    Here’s how you decipher who is involved with a particular paper. Look at the list of authors. If there are many, then the person listed last is whose lab the work was done in. In academia, people move up the ladder until they have their own laboratories. When they do, then they have graduate students and post docs and other lower ranking PhDs working in their labs. All these people are working on different experiments, all of which have something to do with the work of the main academic running the lab. When the paper is published, the person whose lab it is is always listed last.

    The full Link (see about 2/3rds down):

  21. Politics, sort of: this is just science journalism hard at work, see above ( hacks into spitoon).

    But any thoughts or opinions about this?
    Supplement vending?
    Tricaprin sounds like a low mw sfa ... ... it is! A normal saturated c8 triglyceride. Look out goats ...

    Is this how the popular science mythology people re-orient to the benefits of sfa versus the cardiological harms of traditional heart-healthy pufa?

  22. What foods are high in caprylic acid?

    DrAxe says:

    "The very best source of caprylic acid is coconuts, especially coconut oil, which is a great way to get concentrated medium-chain fatty acids. Other sources include full-fat cow's milk, peanut butter (yuk), palm fruit oil and even human breast milk."

    Wot about goats then??
    Passthegoatcream pls.

  23. In veterinary news, there's this: "mRNA Vaccines in Livestock and Companion Animals are here now." This includes the interesting nugget that at least in the US, we don't have access to clinical trial records for veterinary vaccines.

    Also seen elsewhere today: 'The Epoch Times ran a forward-looking story Monday headlined, “mRNA Vaccine in Food Products Could Be Banned in Tennessee.”
    Tennessee Republicans filed a proposal in the state’s general assembly that would prohibit the manufacture, sale, delivery, holding, or offering for sale of any part of livestock or meat food product containing an mRNA vaccine or any vaccine material without clear labels stating the vaccine contents.'

    I have no idea about the dangers of dietary exogenous vaccine products, but injecting this willy-nilly into large numbers of living creatures sounds dubious on general principles.

  24. Goats are always picked on. Just look at the word "scapegoat".

    1. Lowering the tone: Goats, and picking

  25. Grrrrr

  26. 16 of my golf club have just returned from a week playing in Spain. They are all multi-jabbed and are falling ill like bats with CoV. They stayed in a hotel with two golf courses, and started getting ill before the flight home. Me? I never went as the legacy of me being unjabbed is still a bit of a sore issue with many of them. Hey ho. Onward...

  27. Covid. Alex Washburne 'nails' it once again...

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  29. I think the problem is that psychopaths and sociopaths rise to the top of power systems.

    So it doesn't matter which party, which country, which philosophy - we get really bad people at the top. They make up 2% of the public - and the worst of the worst end up in politics.

    We need a way to keep them out of power - if not, at some point we will end up with bio-weapons or nuclear weapons ending humanity.

    (BTW - I have met a couple of these beings - once you see what they are - you would not want them in your house - your town etc..