Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Wall is coming down

Well, I guess it's going to become officially OK (as if I could care less) for me to fry my egg yolks in salted butter and add a little extra salt at serving time. And to skip any sugar in my tea. At the risk of glucose deficiency I suppose but, what the hell, live dangerously...

Malcolm Kendrick and Steve Cooksey have two nice accounts (amongst many) out there so there's not much for me to add. It just reminds me of listening to the news as the Berlin Wall came down, even if it's not headlining at the BBC yet. Amazing. Happy.

You still have to feel sorry for the people so badly injured by the consequences of the lipid hypothesis but at least the possibility of using real food to produce normoglycaemia is no longer specifically decried by official dietary advice. The floodgates are open. The information is out there.



BTW, the Japanese appear to be about to start the destruction of statination too, certainly for the elderly... Thanks to Liz for the full text link.


Robert Andrew Brown said...

Your dry wit made me laugh :) :) :).

Not so sure about the frying bit, in terms of it probably not being the healthiest way to cook (-: particularly in the wider context, and if a frequent basis of food preparation, but as a frying medium saturate rich has to be preferable to polyunsaturated rich.

The Dr Kendric article made me smile for a different reason.

Progress on the lipids issue at last :)and doubtless still much confusion and obfuscation to come.

But progress is progress :) and maybe food company's like McCains will in time to longer be forced by marketing pressure and so public demand, likely against their better judgement, to use highly polyunsaturated vegetable oils to fry in.

Many thanks Peter for your fascinating informative and always thought provoking blogs.

Ilaine said...

Possibly off topic, but yesterday grocery shopping at a health food store in Richmond, VA (Elwood Thompson's) I observed a sign on the hot foods bar - Canola oil free.

Did not ask what oil/fat they actually use, now I wish I had. Meanwhile, at Whole Foods, canola oil is used universally on their hot bars, at least in Virginia.

If the day ever comes when health food stores use coconut oil, butter, bacon fat, lard, etc., in their hot bars, I'll be sure to let you know.

JohnN said...

The age of Incommensurability is finally upon us. It has been long time coming.

Peter said...

JohnN, had to look it up. Yes!