Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cholesterol hypothesis in 2010

A must-read pdf from Carlos through THINCS. Download and keep somewhere safe. This is a classic.


From the comments: O'Primitivo's link. Many thanks. No idea why the Japanese characters pop in to that first link.....


Dr. B G said...

*haa* 27 pages of loveliness...

Have you seen our statin-bashing lately @nephropal.com?

They make it too easy as presumably the researchers are probably all drinking the 'Koolaid' (from Kurt Harris).... and therefore brain- damaged.

Vytorin, Zetia and statins should have a Surgeon General warning like cigarettes... MAY CAUSE DEATH AND CANCER.

O Primitivo said...

Same article but published by WRND, Karger: http://michel.delorgeril.info/dwnl/wrnd/DisappointingCholDrugTrials_wrnd2009.pdf

LeonRover said...

Thank you, O Primativo for this reference. The Carlos Japanese link kept failing due lack of a Japanese font.

An interesting paper, Peter, thank you - keep drinking the cream..

BTW, thanks also, for report from 'Wegie-land.

Peter said...

G, you and nephropal at part of the ocean of catching up I need to do! I think I'm pretty well home for the next 6 months or so, so net access is much better and I might keep my head above water, though there are still going to be issues with getting free time to post... Life is so busy.

All the best


Ed said...

This report is fantastic. Do the authors and/or publication have sufficient stature in the medical community to have any real impact on conventional wisdom?

First Krauss and now this. 2010 is the beginning of fat and cholesterol sanity?

Peter said...

Hard to tell, this is not exactly published in a mainstream cardiology journal and it is definitely an opinion piece, not a meta analysis. But it's still out there to be quoted and it's so good to have all the analysis in one place. We all know about all of these trials, but the grouping of them in to one analytical article is what I like so much.