Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Costa del Glasgow

It's official (according to me), Dean Ornish is the cause of the current reversal of the recent fall in global temperature cause by us eating all of the mammoths. That's one hell of an achievement for one person's flatulence.


You have Elizabeth to blame for this post!


Chainey said...

This ties into something I was thinking about the other day, which seems like it's facetious but is actually quite serious: Anyone who has given low-carb a serious try and then reverted to high-carb will admit that flatulence is a problem with carbs that is reduced or eliminated by eschewing them (or not chewing them ...)

Now, methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas (if you believe that theory) than the CO2 that everyone goes on about, so take six billion people - projected to increase dramatically - and countless millions of stock being fed grains instead of their natural grasses, and what sort of AGW effect do we get from all of that farting that never would have happened if all lifeforms were eating what their bodies were adapted to?

Comical perhaps, but serious too surely?

Peter said...

Hi Chainey, I'm utterly stuck on climate change (dunno) and in no way can I look at it in the detail I'd need to to have a valid opinion, though Elizabeth has some interesting links. I just like poking fun sometimes....


Anna said...


Don't forget all the methane released into the atmosphere from crop agriculture, too (to feed those poor CAFO creatures and us). I understand disrupted soil is a major methane contributor.