Sunday, March 24, 2019

Looking to the future

I notice the EU is considering approval for a plan to enforce removal of copyright infringing images form pretty well everywhere on T'internet.

Over many years I've felt that this sort of action would clearly be the end of Hyperlipid as any of us knows it. I back up every month or so to keep my ideas safe for myself but if Hyperlipid suddenly disappears I think everyone should have an idea as to why. This will be it.

Anyway, for now something resembling normal service will be resumed when I can tear myself away from Mrp antiporters and derivatives, which is proving rather difficult.



Ken Strain said...

I've got about 100 of your articles safely stored and backed up. There's no way I can ever thank you enough.

cavenewt said...

Is it OK with you if readers download and save your posts?

Ken Strain said...

I can add that most of the rest of your posts are equally valued, it is just that I got the point of them and don't need to save the detail.

Peter said...

Kenneth, thanks

Cave, feel free. If anyone puts anything up on T'internet they should be aware anyone can hit save any time they like. But nice to ask!


cavenewt said...

Thanks. As a computer professional I try to be sensitive to things like that.

I sometimes go on binges where I go back and read older posts. I'm always learning new (chemistry) stuff which makes for better understanding, as time goes by.

Bob said...

Hyperlipid has been a tremendous resource, and I like to review older posts to see what I've forgotten, which is all too much.

Maybe we should follow Kenneth's approach. Seems like a wise precaution.

G. L. said...

To me, it seems that analysis and critique of something constitutes "fair use" as far as copyright is concerned. Because that analysis and critique gives something of value to the readers.

Here is one link on "fair use":

The article in the link above lists commentary, criticism and parody as valid fair use. Some explanation is given.

Here is a link to a U. S. government page on fair use:


And what about the Wayback Machine?

Here is a summary of the Hyperlipid URLs at the Wayback Machine:*/*

Peter, this blog is, and has been, of great help to many. I thank you.

Jay said...

But as you're in the UK, you may not be in the EU for much longer?
So it may never happen.

Passthecream said...

I think most of what you quote would be classed as being for purposes of review and critique so definitely within the realm of fair use. Or sattire at times. Sarcasm occasionally or disgust. It all seems fair to me.


Peter said...

Thanks all, we'll see what happens...