Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well, we're moving to Glasgow, the coolest, cloudiest and probably most UVB deprived city in the UK. But it does have some advantages. Despite there being no surf within easy access, there are rivers which are quite impressive.

This is the Orchy, the picture is of me in a miss spent youth (circa 1977ish) and it had been raining for a solid month, so a normal August in the hills north of Glasgow... I still remember vividly the feeling of paddling round the first bend below Bridge of Orchy, in the middle of a river as big as the Trent in full flood, and realising that it went down hill in front of me, rather steeply, and there was nowhere to go except down... Thank goodness for brown underwear.

So life is a mix of building work, chasing nurseries, chasing rental accommodation, organising a trip to start house hunting, chasing a plumber, builder, plasterer, finding the shower unit won't fit the bathroom, starting to ebay the shower and my motorcycle, rehoming the chickens (tragic this aspect, what will Squiggs do with no Penelope chicken to cuddle, the cats are worried). You know the stuff... There seems to be an inordinate amount of cutting and stitching to do at work too.

By hook or by crook my wife's pathology residency starts 3rd of August in Bearsden and I've handed notice my notice in for 17th July. It's a little tight! But very exciting.