Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still not on line

Hi all,

People may realise that I don't really have any great interest in, or knowledge about, the blogging platform I use, so it's a real pain when Google changes odds and ends and I end up unable to even view comments using Firefox and with Safari I get access to comments but no ability to even delete spam from the blog itself. This is a bit of a pain and is markedly limiting.

Meantime the cutting and stitching business is taking rather a lot of our time and even deleting the spam is not looking like happening in the immediate future.

I'll get back on line properly when I get more sorted. At the moment our priority in the evenings is to try and get ahead of running the house so we can have a smidge of free time as a family at the weekends. Serious stuff for the blog is reverse transport of electrons through complex 1 as a major route to mitochondrial free radical generation in the ETC and why it might occur. Preliminary reading would be Lucas Tafur from a year ago here. A great post. I spent hours on Veech's 1995 paper before tripping over Lucas' rather tidy discussion!

All the best


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fruit and vegetables

Still no net-time to speak of but life goes on. Look at these brightly coloured fruit and vegetables:

They look so good I just can't help myself. I just have to shred them

and feed them to the chickens

who can convert them to Food

Eggcellent (sorry)


OK, I do have to admit to eating the occasional vegetable as flavouring for Food.