Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Maria Thommessen

Maria Thommessen PhD was a prominent Norwegian/international nutritionist. She sadly died of bowel cancer in 2006, aged 47, having fought the disease for 6 years.

Here is a translation from the norwegian (again thanks to Jakob from the AHOA forum) which sums up, for me, the tragedy of a highly intelligent person who has dedicated their life to preventing disease though diet, but has ended up in a wrong paradigm. The one fully backed by mainstream medicine. Her certainty is what keeps me looking for the possibility that I might be horribly wrong to eat high fat, low carbohydrate.

Maria Thomessen:

"I wanted to show that you could think positive thoughts and be optimistic even with such a diagnosis. I was very convinced that I should be able to win this battle. It feels like a paradox that it was I that got cancer. I don't think many have eaten as many carrots as me"


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