Saturday, December 15, 2007

Animal fat and cholesterol

There are a couple more posts kicking around from the Fiaf paper but as an interim here is a nice paper ref those cholesterol levels and animal fat.

Newbold appears to be one of those lone researchers who's work is a bit out on a limb. But because his data fit my preconceptions I tend to believe him!



Lee said...

Have you read Newbold's books too? You can find them on Amazon. They are based on avoiding food & environmental chemicals to which you are intolerant. Reminds me of Emma's blog, although the approach is different to failsafe. He recommends eating a fatty meat (unaged) that you tolerate well, then gradually introduces (ie tests) other foods, whilst on the all meat regime.

Might be useful for your your wife's migraine. "Nutrition for your Nerves" is probably the best introduction and is more general that the title suggests.


Peter said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the pointer. Just ordered it. Quite when I'll get to read it is another matter! Just have to join the waiting pile I guess...


PS Yes, have Emma's blog bookmarked. I wonder about the age of "ordinary" supermarket meat, probably anything bought frozen was processed quite rapidly pre freezing.