Thursday, January 01, 2009

Back on line

Happy Christmas and New Year all,

The Winter Solstice turned out to be on call tending to a dog with an acute abdomen, so no bonfires for me... Christmas was far more successful and we had a great time. Hee hee, 7 days without net access and now back at work and in the middle of a 5 day stint.

As we were going to be on the coast I took the 'yak. Almost didn't bother as the forecast was pretty awful for surf.

Wind went hard Easterly on Christmas day and by Monday there was an usable swell with faces of about 3-4 feet. Not epic but fun.

This is First Bay

There is a beacon post (you can see its shadow on the water) on the northern end of the right hand reef which, with the tide a foot or two lower than in this Multimap image, is the place to hang out to pick up a wave. You can almost always get a left hand run in to the shelter of the reef and a then a rip current carries you back out to the post... Cool place. Me, three board surfers and a seal. Clear blue sky, bright sunshine and the frost was just about gone at mid day. Magic, even if the colour of the North Sea is always that deep brown in Winter...

Couple of post I wrote off line to put up soon and then I'll try for the comments...

Happy New Year


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