Monday, July 20, 2009

Here we go

OK, the move begins tomorrow. Apologies for the several non answered emails, I'll get to them when we're a bit unpacked and have got net access up and running in Bearsden!



Chris said...

hope it all goes well Peter. Moves can be stressful!

Let me know when you are up here safely.


AuntWie said...

You've put LOTS of thinking and planning and preparing into this. I hope everything comes together and flows like silk. With the possible exception of one or two smallish glitches, just so you'll have some funny stories.

David said...

Hey Peter, are you still planning to have a follow-up CT scan to get your calcium score? Be worthwhile to see the effects of your diet.


Jason said...

Hello, Peter.

I do not have a comment regarding your recent blog post. I was hoping I might post a link to my blog, as I have posted a few recent posts that relate to debunking one of the MP's main hypotheses; That exogenous 25-D can dock to and deactivate the VDR, thus handicapping innate immunity. I know you share a wide viewer base here with your blog and was hoping to see if any would be interested in reviewing my short posts and commenting with any feedback.

Please delete my comment if I am inappropriately hijacking your comments thread.

Thanks and regards.

marco said...

"Technical" issue:

I've installed Internet Explorer 8.

Now, when I click on the comments link on Peter's posts, I ALWAYS get a "protection" error (because the link begin with https:...) and I ALWAYS have to click -yes- or -no-.

Could anyone help me to get rid of this?

Thank you all.


Peter said...

Hi David,

It's on my wish list but I'd like to use the same scanner, it's 600 miles away and my new job doesn't start until October at the earliest, so finances may be interesting, especially with house sales/purchases/renting all on going in the next few months. Maybe as a combined Christmas/birthday present...


David said...

Thnx for the reply - hope you seen an improvement, think you will.