Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fruit and Vegetables link

This just fits in the fruit 'n' fibre and glycaemic load aspects that run through Hyperlipid: Elizabeth sent me the link to a nice post by Dr A here.

What can you add to that?



v/vmary said...

"The association between carbohydrate intake and breast cancer was significantly modified by age; the increased breast cancer risk associated with carbohydrate intake was restricted to women who were younger than 50 years."

why is that? because the younger women are eating moe refined carbs and sweet drinks like 'bubble tea' that aren't traditional chinese food?

Peter said...

Hi Mary,

I think it is the same thing which is going on here.

There's no mention of BMI or correction for this, but I'm suspicious that being slim on a carb based diet involves being very good at glycolysis, like a cancer cell... Just guessing.

Also Lutz cites his own data for urinary oestrogens in Life Without Bread. They drop in women when they go LC. Presumably high carb does the opposite, perhaps unless you are post menopausal?


David said...

and yet, there seem to be so many people like this guy: 85 and living mostly off fruits and appears to be radiantly healthy...

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