Friday, October 15, 2010

A heads up

Just a brief heads up, especially to people who have emailed me off blog, apologies for the near total lack of replies, there really is no net time worth speaking of at the moment. Too busy cutting and stitching lots of stuff and other things! When we get in to a house of our own things will get back to some semblance of normality but that is not looking like happening in the immediate future.


Among the many links I've not had time to follow there was this link which I did manage to clicked on and couldn't leave alone. Thanks Elizabeth.

“It’s like an epidemic, in the sense that they’re infected with these wrong ideas, and they’re spreading it to other researchers through journals.”

Hee hee, Ioannidis does meme watching...


Nathaniel said...

Thanks for the update Peter. I hope things are going well. I'll be looking forward to your return to blogging.

I emailed you about the Optimal Diet and muscle building a while back. I hope you will write me back when you finally have some free time.

Take care!

Anonymous said...


You might like this too, on 'The Ideology of Nutritionism'.

Anonymous said...

Also, as I know you have already covered this,

. . Might be added confirmation to your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article - I just read it two days ago. May blog on it myself when I start up again.

Nathaniel said...

Please do start up again, Kurt - I still check your blog every day!

Unknown said...


1: Kurt, get back to blogging dammit! ;)

2: Leading ageing researcher / geneticist interviewed on the BBC:

No prices for guessing what the payoff is. Hint: Insulin is involved.

Hint two: The researcher in question is now preaching low-carb, coming at the topic from a completely different direction than the usual suspects (I.e. nutrition).

Anonymous said...

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. said...

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