Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Zombie paper

Just a brief thank you to Julianne and Beth for the full coffin nail paper. I was going to leave zombie rats alone after the last post and didn't think the paper itself was needed to see what was going on. But the quick scan I've had of the coffin nail shows it to be very interesting. Want to read some execrable science? I'll deconstruct it soon but there is an on call night tonight and a family weekend coming up, so I might not be as quick as it deserves. But don't worry, there are still plenty of zombies around...

Perhaps best not comment on this post, comments can stay on the last one all grouped together. I'll take this one down as the next one comes through.

Oh, Hi Melchior. Nice to see you about. It's good when facts plus logical consistency ultimately win through. As they must.



LeonRover said...

Hey Petro,

I saw from Chris HillFit that your better half published a Cook Book.

I'm sure you helped, by tasting and going Mmmmmmmmmm!

Congrats to you both.

My fave Cook book is Poor Cook by Caroline Conran - published 1971 and out of print.

It features European peasant dishes for the London elite - featuring offal, fish, stews, terrines etc.

If you find a copy 2nd hand - BUY.


Ken said...

Peter, this new study seems relevant to some of your previous discussions on cause of CVD and glycemia: