Friday, January 15, 2016

Paignton Zoo

So funny that both articles come from Paignton Zoo in Devon. Has anyone contacted the victims of Lynne Garton's Going Ape "Evo Diet"? To tell them to knock off the fruit and live on raw kale leaves? Good enough for monkeys....Luckily Garton's stupidity seems to have done no permanent damage to it's victims, beyond 12 days of flatulence in the "study"!

Going ape.

Monkeys banned from eating bananas at Devon zoo.

Thanks to Amber O'Hearn via Faceache for the second link.



Galina L. said...

According to a book"A zoo in my luggage " by a famous british naturalist Gerald Durrell the most desirable treat for monkeys he kept were grasshoppers. People often misunderstand what animals in their care really want. I remember how a lady who kept chickens described with a revolt show her hens ripped apart and devoured almost instantly an unfortunate mice who was careless enough to run into the chicken coop.

Peter said...

Yes, my chickens are omnivores with a preference to carnivory. The oddest thing, biologically, that they LOVE is cheese. What on earth is a chicken doing going crazy for fermented mammal secretion????


GK said...

The juxtaposition of these two articles is very revealing. I would rather take dietary advice from a veterinarian than a doctor or dietician. (This fits in nicely with Peter's self-described "unblinkered" views of biology).

GK said...
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JED said...

Omnivore chickens... Yeah, I think we generally underestimate how much our otherwise corn-fed feathered friends like meat. Two winters ago I found a very old piece of turkey in my freezer, so old that it was no longer to be trusted. I defrosted it and chopped it up to tiny pieces for the crows in the garden. Little grain eater birds, such as sparrows, cleared the bird feeder in a few minutes before the crows had a chance to wake up... What an eye-opener!
Absolutely agree with Gary otherwise -- love reading hyperlipid for that reason. Thanks Peter!

Susan M. said...

When I was a young girl, one of the funniest sights I can still see in my minds eye, was our chickens chasing each other, for over an hour, trying to get a fish head away from one another. Entertaining as all get out!