Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Protons (50) The video

Dave Speijer has a great video up on YouTube based largely around his recent paper in BioEssays.

Can All Major ROS Forming Sites of the Respiratory Chain Be Activated By High FADH2/NADH Ratios?

It's nice to hear the man himself on a subject about which he has spent a great deal of time thinking. Here it is:

Many thanks to Andrew Moore, editor-in-chief at BioEssays and publisher of many of Dr Speijer's papers, for the heads up that this video had been produced.



Passthecream said...

That is fantastic!
I feel good about this too.

karl said...

Sadly, no mention about PUFA's ability to effect these ratios...

There is an interesting mention that he doubts that carnitine works as an antioxidant - but rather inhibiting Fenton reactions.. BTW Red meat has the highest levels of carnitine - a true health food?

BradAtFireInABottle said...

Hey Peter! This is OT, but I wanted to give you a heads up that I just posted at my blog "The Laypersons Guide to Hyperlipid". It should probably be called "The Laypersons Guide to The Protons Thread at Hyperlipid", but sometimes you have to keep it simple.

FYI, I used protons to justify why white rice eating peasants are slender.

I love your blog!

Peter said...

Thanks Brad, I put a post up with a link. Pork sounds good!


Peter said...

There was a slight delay. But now the Mac is back


cavenewt said...

Speaking of videos, these two are absolutely beautiful.

Mitochondria: the cell's powerhouse

Electron transport chain

Peter said...