Sunday, July 25, 2021

Nourish Balance Thrive Podcast

I had a chat with Megan Hall of Nourish Balance Thrive. I feel it went quite well and I got most of the core ideas of the Protons/ROS hypothesis over in a relatively concise manner. The microphone continues to work:

Here it is on Apple Podcasts

The True Cause of Insulin Resistance and Obesity (and What To Do Instead)

and on the NBT website

The True Cause of Insulin Resistance and Obesity (and What To Do Instead)



Sybella said...

Fab, Will go and have a listen

cavenewt said...

It was an excellent interview and clarified a couple of things for me. For example, basal lipolysis, which I asked Peter about in another comment thread, and his explanation was knowledgeable and over my head. For those of us who swim in the top millimeter of the ocean, (you deeper swimmers should avert your eyes right now), basal lipolysis is what makes a hyperextended adipocyte spill free fatty acids.

The pet food comments were also of great interest, at least partly because, easy to understand! Cats cannot live on chicken wings alone.

Sybella said...

I apologise...Not sure why my comments are appearing more than once. I see it happened once before when I gave a 'thumbs up' emoji on a previous post...Will try to see what's going on my end, but so far I can't see anything odd!

Great podcast. I can't say I understand it (yet) but these interviews really do help.

Captain Sunset said...

Peter, Loved what you had to say. Thank you! Some years back (when we lived near Oban), we had a truly wonderful dog that as pup that was rescued ( others) from a skip. He was believed to be half Black Lab and half Collie. Anyway, as much as he loved the slow roast bones we gave him (from an overnight Raeburn cook), he just could not tolerate pork. It gave him shocking diarrhoea. Cow and sheep bones were a huge hit! They made him utterly delirious!!

Peter said...

cave, I think they could live on pastured chicken wings for a feed w/o excess linoleic acid (Justin's thinking!). Some liver might help too but I'm not sure how much that matters...

Sybella, it might be Blogger software. It's old an clunky and might not cope with modern messages. But it's free and people have tried to help me move to Wordpress but I've not generated enough enthusiasm for that hurdle!

Captain Sunset, Beef knuckle bones or a distal femur were the favourites of my dogs. They used to naw at them without breathing, go faintly blue, surface to pant for 10 seconds then back to the bone. Never could work out why they didn't just nose-breathe but that's what they did!


Christopher Kelly said...

Thank you, Peter! I appreciate you taking the time and I really enjoyed listening.

cavenewt said...

Peter, about cat food. I'm lucky to live in the country so my cat catches a lot of mice and squirrels (and what birds and lizards I can't rescue in time) and eats up bones and guts and everything.* I figure that gives her all the evolutionarily-necessary nutrients. I also give her canned food, carefully reading labels to avoid the ones with added gluten or other crap. I also buy her pasture-fed chicken necks at vast expense. She just won't eat wings, nor gizzards. I figure necks are good because of all the bones.

* For a while I was reading instructions online about feeding your cat a raw food diet. So funny how people stress over germs and stuff. KAOS can't usually finish a squirrel in one sitting, she'll eat it from the head down to the abdomen (leaving it looking like the squirrel was halved by a laser beam), let it sit out in the 100°+ sun for a few hours, then go back and finish it. Yum.

LA_Bob said...

Great podcast, probably your best yet. Greatly helped me understand the "new" direction in your thinking on physiology and diet. Keto 2.0 perhaps, as outlined in that burst of posts about uncoupling, basal lipolysis, DNP, and so on.

I thought the interviewer was very good as well. Sounded like she had done her homework.

Nice break from the COVID unpleasantness, too.

And last but not least (because we must be able to hear what's said), the sound quality was excellent.

Passthecream said...

It was great, very well explained.

I did wonder what approach you would have taken to the dog with pancreatitis if you were in a position to be able to.

Cavenewt --- is that you 99?

cavenewt said...

@Pass... Is that you, Chief? I can't say anything until we're under the Cone of Silence.

Jay said...

What an excellent podcast, it was nice that Megan Hall minimized her comments, which become interruptions, allowing a more cohesive flow of thoughts. This is the best of your interviews that I have been able to listen to.

Peter said...

Thank you Jay


Unknown said...

Would be great if you could expand on 2 bits: The coffee increasing basal lipolysis and what that would look like under various scenarios (metabolic models?). Personally I enjoy good health, am average build, 15% BF, and avoid pufas.

And 2, the saturated fat excess consumption leading to ectopic fat accumulation you mentioned. I'm guessing we're talking about huge surpluses here but would be interesting to know more.

I don't want to give up coffee but maybe I should reduce consumption if it's running free fatty acids causing some degree of insulin resistance?

Peter said...

Hi Unknown,

You have to use a C elegans model to show caffeine is a longevity drug, but in that model it certainly is.

So, it releases FFAs and oxidation of FFAs causes insulin resistance. That's good. Just think of a mouse fed on the coconut oil based Surwit diet. Fat, insulin resistant and coincidentally has a marked median lifespan increase cf chow fed mice. Resisting insulin is good. I do it all the time.

As far as the Swedish overfeeding studies go the post is here:


Unknown said...

I suppose if one were trying to gain lean muscle then one should avoid SFA and eat more PUFA during a bulking campaign?

From that I gather coffee = ok if metabolically healthy, coffee = bad, if not.

I'd love to see you tackle on the muscle side of things in the future as well.

Peter said...

Sadly I have absolutely no choice in what I think about! Generally an idea will impose itself. I just write them down...


Captain Sunset said...

Peter, If we consider/accept that metabolic syndrome comprises a plethora of issues that mostly start within the mitochondria and associated lipid abnormalities, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperuricemia, and complications in thrombotic potential (that are all associated with hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance, and hence in and of the tautology of obesity), surely any increased atherogenesis, and likely death from myocardial infarction (...due to metabolic syndrome), is nowt but Béchamp’s Terrain Theory writ large? Isn't the evidence there in plain sight? Béchamp’s only real mistake seems to have been that back-in-the-day he got his wording slightly skewed and subsequently suffered a similar fate that Tesla did with Edison? There does seem to be a place for both Germ Theory and Terrain Theory (much like AC/DC), but not being grown-up and accepting such, or divorcing the two, is where/how we are being screwed over by Fauci, BigPharma, and the BMA?

cavenewt said...

Hey Cap'n, thank you for your mention of Béchamp’s Terrain Theory, which I had to look up, never having heard of it. So my belief about how human health works actually has a name. Not a very catchy one, but a name nonetheless.

Peter said...

Captain, yes, there are elements of both. I would not want to be an overweight ITU medic subsisting on chocolate bars and bags of crisps from the hospital foyer vending machine while working though crippling shifts managing Covid patients for weeks at a time.

Equally, I'd not want to be a fit healthy person exposed to ebola or rabies viruses.

Knowing your enemy might be a good idea before choosing your weapons...


Captain Sunset said...

@Cave, Terrain theory? This is brilliant a top, top read.

karl said...


The panic reaction by the CDC appears makes me wonder if they are worried that they triggered ADE(Antibody Dependent Enhancement)? But the good news is the new variant appears much less deadly. (is it safer than the vaccine? I would think it provides immunity? )

They are not denying ADE -- You would think they would. No one is talking about the titers. If titers are higher in vaccinated - it would be an amazingly important bit of news.

Really hard to tell what is going on.. Will history figure this out - or will it be overwritten with some convenient fiction?

I'm wondering if this highly contagious variant might vaccinate the world? If it is ADE - I would expect them to stop vaccinating?

If they had been forthright, transparent, and honest all along - we might trust them.

I wish Robert Malone would blog someplace where he can say what he means directly..

cavenewt said...

@karl "Really hard to tell what is going on." I'll say – most of the mainstream headlines claim the Delta variant is more deadly.

In that vein, here's an article about loss of trust when engaging in the noble lie. The most amazing thing about this article is that it appeared in a liberal news source. I'm sure they pulled their punches quite a bit in order to get it published at all, for instance mentioning little or nothing about industry influence on this whole mess. Pretty sure I posted it in the comments to a different post, but some may have missed it there in case they're interested.

"The Noble Lies of COVID-19: Do we want public health officials to report facts and uncertainties transparently? Or do we want them to shape information to influence the public to take specific actions?"

I'm sorry there's a paywall. If someone wants the whole thing, I can try to figure out how to get it to you. Mike Eades quoted quite a bit of it and his latest newsletter

karl said...

I really hate to post a Twitter link - but he has the inside contacts to know what is going on.

He linked to the following ( I know I shouldn't laugh - but I did - so hard that my coffee came out my nose - really)..

I think we are seeing ADE - I have every thing but the blood titer numbers..

Passthecream said...

Flu vaccines are widespread. Is there any evidence of ADE wrt those?

Peter said...


It's hard to see why else we should have the current number of deaths in the in the aftermath of a +ve PCR test. UK's 7 day current rolling mean on 2nd Aug 2021 was 76/d, on Aug 2nd last year it was 14/d (and falling).

Pass, AFAIK flu vaccs don't trigger ADE. For coronaviruses the phenomenon is almost ubiquitous, and not just in cats. The RSV catastrophe was not ADE mediated but IDE, immune derived enhancement, and was driven by excessive cell mediated immunity. Not looked in to dengue fever vaccs.

Most routine vaccs do not trigger ADE, but then they have survived full phase 3 clinical trials. Unlike the current bodged jabs.

Jacob_G said...

Hi Peter,

was wondering if you ever looked at this study?

Very little fat gain on extremely high amounts of PUFA overfeeding.

Does that make sense from the ROS theory?


Peter said...

Thanks Jacob, not seen that one. It's completely explicable in terms of UCPs with 4-HNE and the like as activators. Works particularly well at at v high LA percentages. Olive oil has PUFA at the best obesogenic level and responds as you would expect from forced overfeeding. Saturated fat (beef dripping, possibly butter) would be worse than olive oil as there is even less potential of 4-HNE facilitated uncoupling. This study (and similar) have nothing to tell us about spontaneous weight gain/loss but clearly fit with the more recent ideas to come out of the Protons thread ref UCPs...


LA_Bob said...


I've been reading Malone for awhile now since the Dark Horse podcast. I missed the WhatsHerFace link he posted, so thank you for that. Pretty wild personality. She has this one about Malone.

I sort of wish ItsTheWoooo did postings like this.

Schuyler said...

Came across this summary article, "Fat 'shield' protects immune cells—and some cancers—from destruction" (, which discusses how Natural Killer cells protect themselves from their own chemical weaponry by "densely packing" their lipid membranes ... and thought to myself, "I'll bet that means saturated fat rather than PUFA." So I pulled up the paper, and sure enough ...

"Liposomes were generated using dioleoyl phosphatidylcholine (DOPC) and dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine (DPPC). Both lipids share identical head groups, and, thus, any potential head group specificity for perforin binding can be excluded. The difference between the 2 lipids, however, is in their tails. DOPC contains 2 unsaturated fatty acid sidechains that generate a more fluid, disordered lipid membrane, and the saturated sidechains of DPPC tend to form densely packed, high lipid order membranes (at 37°C)."

... Yet another way in which excess PUFA screws up the immune response ...?

Captain Sunset said...

@ Schuyler, Many thanks for that! In my (somewhat smug?) manner, I have always suspected that such ought to be the case. It must surely make sense that such is just so? So much of a LCHF regime make so much fall into place health-wise that in hindsight it seems kinda obvious. I'm quite sure some 'bits' of the story are missing, but it's all going in the right direction. My own LCHF regime/improved health clearly mirrors this. I try to get this LCHF message out to folk, but I'm met with TOTAL denial! The power of slick propaganda is truly terrifying. As I'm want to say to those that have been had... "First, they play you, then they game you, and then they recruit you". What to do? Sadly, there is a lot of commercial money to be had in matters of error. It's getting that is how the world is to be run. It's a business model. An all-encompassing joined up fraud. An Enronvirus.

LA_Bob said...

"... Yet another way in which excess PUFA screws up the immune response ...?"

At some future time in a galaxy far, far away, a doctor tells a patient, "You suffer from saturated fat deficiency."

karl said...

@ Peter - re - ADE

I think ADE also happens with variations of viruses in the natural world - but I would defer to Malone's take that using "leaky vaccines" sets up a mechanism - and we should be only vaccinating the most at risk. I think it was Malone that also mentioned creating ADE was a big problem in creating effective vaccines - I think there is a history of vaccines that failed due to ADE.

Malone is not the only highly credentialed voice expressing this.. There is Geert Vanden Bossche and Luc Montagnier. Now obviously all of the above mentioned could be wrong about the ADE risk - but only open conversation about the risks can enlighten us. I wish I knew more about this. I don't think that policy is based on the opinions of best and brightest in the field. (Malone - who has developed vaccines - recommended repurposed drugs at the start of this mess - not rushing a vaccine)(The recently deceased inventor of PCR expressed serious concerns about Fauci's basic understanding of the science. If they really want more compliance they should replace him ASAP)

R-0 of the Delta strain appears to be about 8 - which in my engineering mind means we will all be exposed - despite renewed masking/isolation etc. I have always thought there was some systematic confusion that reducing the height of the curve (slowing) was the same as reducing the area under the curve (total deaths). ( humans are really bad at statistics). It could be that the spread of Delta will create a rather wide immunity - the sad part, the current understanding is both the vaccines and getting sick do not produce durable immunity - both falling off at about 6mo.

Are they following the law about full disclosure and no coercion? It is clear to me that the vaccine risks are not similar to influenza vaccines.

At some point, the public will have to accept that CoVid is endemic - the concern I have is if they are increasing ADE, it could create more infectious strains - that happen to be more deadly. I think it is agreed evolution causes viruses to tend to become ever more infectious and less deadly (and milder symptoms) over time. If you were to graph this - it is not clear to me that these trends are straight lines - we could get spikes of higher death rates as the variants make a somewhat random walk.

I think the 'parasite stress theory' is probably true - and keeping people fearful and in masks may well increase xenophobia. So even stranger to see people setting out to divide the public with new school programs that teach children to see the world through race colored glasses? I don't understand - are they trying to reverse the progress made over the last decades?

The world seems rather bonkers. What I am sure of is that bottom-up conversations where ideas are not censored brings better results than the tyranny of a small group of 'experts' with non-disclosed financial interests.

ChrisErHam said...

Peter and others - are you doing anything specific to prevent a bad reaction to covid? George Henderson had an interesting article on selenium, and everyone knows about Vitamin D. But was there anything else? Thanks

cavenewt said...

@karl "...the concern I have is if they are increasing ADE, it could create more infectious strains - that happen to be more deadly. I think it is agreed evolution causes viruses to tend to become ever more infectious and less deadly (and milder symptoms) over time."

I believe that is generally the case, but having just waded through this article by Geert Vanden Bossche, "A last word of caution to all those pretending the Covid-19 pandemic is toning down", I'm feeling more pessimistic. He acknowledges it's partly theoretical, but he explains why mass vaccination during a pandemic can be accelerating the evolution of the virus toward greater contagiousness and more damaging symptoms, including ADE. Other scary possibilities are that people who have been vaccinated (like me) or previously infected, might actually be more likely to get sicker than we were before.

At least he does offer some positive advice regarding chemoprophylaxis.

What do the Hyperlipid regulars think about the ideas expressed in this article?

@karl "What I am sure of is that bottom-up conversations where ideas are not censored brings better results than the tyranny of a small group of 'experts' with non-disclosed financial interests." Yes yes yes.

LA_Bob said...


Wonder if you saw this.

Gabor Erdosi (same Gabor in the podcast Justin linked in the "time wasted on vaccines" post) tweeted a link to an article and study suggesting a specific human fat cell type is the only type responsive to insulin.