Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vitamin D3 again

For UK people looking to measure 25(OH)D3 (and a few other parameters thrown in it seems) Sue sent this address

Very reasonable cost but you will need guarenteed next day delivery or a courier, and time the sample appropriately too.



Gertrude Nephthys Howl said...

Peter, thanks so much for all your work on this blog. It keeps me on the straight and narrow.


Mark said...

Masterjohn on a radio show.

Not sure how long it will be up.


Peter said...

Hi Joann,

You're very welcome.


Anna over at Going Against the Grain emailed me a similar link, neither seem to work. I'd be interested to listen. Chris Masterjohn is clearly very clued up, though I can't quite bring myself to agree with LDL cholesterol causing IHD and obviously oxidised LDL and sdLDL are simply features of eating sugar. I'm old fashioned enough to feel that the sugar is one of a small number of causes of CHD...


Sam said...

Peter, re your sugar comment.

Is it glucose or fructose metabolism that is more relevant to CHD? Or is it a one-two punch with both implicated?

Peter said...

Hi Sam,

It's the fructose


Jana said...

Hi Peter,

Is this test much more useful from the "normal" test which doesn't distinguish between different forms of vitamin D?


Peter said...

Hi Jana,

That I don't know and as far as I can see "vitamin" D2 is a pharmaceutical which minimcs D3 but is chemically quite distinct, so there's no reason anyone should be taking it at all, certainly not taking megadoses....


Unknown said...

Well we are in 2016 and the link above work OK for me

The mp3 file it is 19.3 mb and the show it is nearly 1 1/2 hours

When you go to the page the online player does not work for me but the download just works fine.

In the top right you have speaker then an icon with an arrow pointing to the right and the third icon it is the one to download the mp3.

other option is

and the player will start and you can download from there doing right click and in the menu selecting save video as.

next try this link