Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sucrose in pregnancy

While we're talking about suspected maternal/offspring sucrose based diets:

There are suggestions it is the same for humans. Just substitute "fatty liver" for the catalogue of abnormalities in the abstract (dysregulated glucose, insulin, leptin, the usual suspects) and you have the "high fat" (plus sucrose) fed rats in human incarnation from the last post. I don't suppose their offspring will have perfect liver function if weaned at day 1 on to a sucrose based formula.

"Importantly, serum leptin concentration was affected by dietary sucrose intake both as quantitatively (r = 0.424, P = 0.009) and relative to energy intake (r = 0.408, P = 0.012) in overweight but not in normal-weight pregnant women."

"The novel finding that dietary sucrose intake is related to serum leptin concentration is in line with the current dietary recommendations to overweight pregnant women with impaired glucose metabolism advising the lower intake of sucrose during pregnancy."

What about the rest of the population?

Anyway, just observational, but the rats are an intervention study...


Once upon a time life was so simple. You just went to the AHA for diet advice, did the opposite and you were pretty well sure to do well. But now they're talking about sucrose limitation. For the health of the USA this is excellent. But it makes life so complicated! How could the AHA get anything right? Must be an accident!


Matt Stone said...

Hey Peter and gang. I've got a great glucose control experiment going over at my blog. Although not precise, it's about 80% carb vs. 80% fat between my girlfriend and I. Should be posting daily until about the end of the month. It's basically Groves vs. Fuhrman...

David Moss said...

Take heart Peter, the advice to cut down sucrose is surely qualified with the insistence that they should be replacing it with some healthy wholegrains or some anti-oxidant + fructose in the form of fruit!