Friday, October 30, 2009

Honesty is for losers, of jobs that is! Jebb VS Nutt

Honesty is NOT the best, and certainly not the Government, policy. This is merely drugs. Imagine what would happen to Susan Jebb if she told the truth about current FSA advice on diet. She's possibly not as stupid as I thought, perhaps she shares intelligence with Professor David Nutt. He has the misfortune to be, in addition, honest and now unemployed. She has her job.


EDIT: What happens if you decriminalise ALL recreational drugs. This is not a hypothetical question. Portugal did it in 2001. It's now nearing the end of 2009. Had you heard about this happening or the outcome? Certainly makes Alan Johnson look like a monster to me, oh.... I forgot, he's a politician!


. said...

Did you mean to write "... she leaves that to ..." rather than "... she shares that with ..."?

As written it doesn't seem to make sense.

Peter said...

Thanks Chainey, it had been a long day and I was half asleep. I just picked the Yahoo news feed up as I was checking email before closing down...

blogblog said...

This is way of topic. However the following comment is so utterly moronic as to defy description:

" At least part of the problem (CHD) in Alaska appears to be not a lack of omega-3 but the introduction of massive amounts of saturated fats into their Westernizing diet's".

Harris W. Omega-3 fatty acids: The "Japanese" factor? J Am Coll Cardiol 2008; 52: 425-427.

What does this fool think traditional Inuit's ate? Tofu?

LeonRover said...

Portugal has decriminalised the taking of drugs and the possession of small amounts consistent with not being a supplier. The supply of illegal drugs is a criminal matter, as is the supply of legal drugs except by a licensed pharmacist, and with prescription.

Some time ago, England & Wales gave the police discretion not to prosecute users of cannabis, but more recently this discretion was withdrawn under public pressure.

Switzerland, in a recent referendum voted to allow registered drug addicts to visit clincs to receive injections of heroin on a regular (even daily) basis. In the same same referendum, a proposal to legalise use of cannabis was rejected.

It is unclear whether the "spliff cafes" of Holland are still legal.

Megan said...

I'm pleased to see someone else holds Susan Jebb in the same ... erm ... esteem as I do!

Anonymous said...

Dear low-carber friend, i have a question about exercise. Do you exercise like in a gym, or in your home or do you walk, jog as part of your weight-loss low-carb program? Because i lift weights 4 days a week, and i walk 55 minutes 4 to 5 days a week. But i think that i will try exercising twice a day. Walking 60 minutes in the morning and 25 in the afteroons to burn more calories and lose fat and weight faster. Another great thing about exercising is that it kills hunger and it kills depression and boredom. Because some times i feel very bored and depressed and exercising a lot makes me escape this meaningless existance and the existential-vaccum that i feel



Hellistile said...

Dear Marxist:
I'm a carnivore and I do not exercise, eat vegetation, eat in moderation, watch calories or have cravings or hunger. I'm 60, am not taking any meds and I'm perfectly happy, healthy and not depressed.

So I would prefer doing it my way, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hello thanx for your reply. I do follow the low-carb diet. However exercising helps me so much, specially because i suffer from low brain-chemicals and low thyroid.

I suffer from social-phobia, depression, chronic-boredom and anxiety and exercising a lot, helps me feel better and more motivated toward life.

i got bored today because i only exercised once, i am addicted to exercising. I think i will walk 2 times tomorrow to escape this meaningless existential-vaccum and existential-boredom where the clock stands still. Like that Rush song "Time Stand still"


Peter said...

Blogblog, yes. The ideas people float...

Megan, "esteem", now that's a word which needs the erm before it!

Hi Marxist-socialist. I never really did exercise until recently. I love the hills and this does involve some walking. Every now and again I do a few sets of pull ups on the climbing frame at the local park when my son is there to play (if there aren't too many people around). Some press ups and a few sit ups occasionally too (at home!). My wife might be able to get me cheap gym membership at the university but currently I think the last time I was in a gym was when I was a teenager and marathon racing a kayak, sucrose fueled! The temptation to the gym is mostly curiosity as to what level of effort is needed to build a little muscle at 53 years old...

A little girl creased me up at the climbing frame: "an old man like you shouldn't be able to do that..." You have to imagine the broad Glasgow accent.


Peter said...

Hi LeonRover,

Sometime back in the 1980s-ish I have a memory that Twickenham (London suburb) had an experiment in which they targeted drug dealers and concurrently supplied addicts with their preferred drug. If that was iv heroin mixed with crack, that's what they got.

It was done to control drug related crime rather than for drug harm reduction, and was very successful. I'm not aware that there was any follow up of course. Too "soft" for votes.