Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rosuvastatin and insulin sensitivity

Dr BG will have fun with this one when she gets the full text, but here's the sneak preview from the abstract she forwarded to me:

"In patients with IFG and hyperlipidaemia, rosuvastatin treatment was associated with a dose-dependent increase in insulin resistance."

That's an increase of 46% in the fasting insulin needed to maintain some semblance of no-worse-than-modest fasting hyperglycaemia. And probably wall to wall sdLDL in whatever cholesterol you have left.

IFG is just a random category on the road to diabetes. If you think rosuvastatin does any good to the insulin sensitivity of people with frank diabetes or of "normal" people who have yet to get themselves a label, I suspect you will be disappointed! But then what's a bit of extra insulin, sugar or both when you can have lipids to die for...


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"... what's a bit of extra insulin, sugar or both when you can have lipids to die for..."


The Bionic Broad said...


I regularly follow your blog, even while struggling, at times, to understand the biochemistry. I have followed Dr. K's ratio for three days, using the "lower" fat ratio that he recommends for the obese, and keeping my calories to no more than 1,800. I have lost a pound a day. How can I be doing this? I am an Atkins '72 person, not afraid of fat, but according to the experts out there, I should be burning dietary fat, not body fat. I also need to say that it's not water weight, as I was already following a very low carb diet. Would you help me with the mechanism that's allowing me to lose fat while gorging on the stuff?


The Bionic Broad said...

As a post-script, I'm really enjoying the heavy cream, which, with Atkins, I had to keep at 4 t. a day. I feel like I'm in sat-fat heaven.