Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mid Winter break!

OK, the blog has been a bit quiet postwise and replywise! We move house again of Friday and the lead up to it has not been particularly easy, but we're good to go now.

As we move we will leave everything in boxes and head south (to where it is snowing, from Glasgow, where the sun is shining!) for the holiday period, about two weeks. I don't think a lot of posting will go on but we should have net access in the new house by the time we get back.

I wish everyone a great time over Christmas, New Year and the Solstice.

Best Wishes



MarkD said...


Leaving Glasgow already?

Wherever you are going to have a Good Christmas!

Cheers - Mark

Senta said...

Happy Christmas, Peter, and thanks for the year-round gift of this blog! Best of luck for the move.

Ken said...

I'll try and catch up on your older posts.

Reckoning with Risk has a interesting section on the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Study. A touted 22% risk reduction doesn't mean what one would think, it turns out to save one life 111 patients need to be treated! Biophile Magazine's article 'The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs' may be of interest.

Peter said...

Hee hee, we're only moving from Bearsden to Summerston, about 4 miles. Rental to our own (warm) house!

Ken, I'm amazed they saved any lives at all. Usually cancer replaces CHD deaths. I've not looked at WOSCOPS in particular but most statin trials try not to report overall mortality... Tends to be disappointing.

Oh, and of course, no lives are ever saved by statins. You have to ask by how much a death is delayed. None of us gets out of life alive. This is Malcolm Kendrick's field. I'll be sure to link when he publishes.

Oh and on the subject of Dr Kendrick, he is a big believer in stress as a cause for CVD. I'm still in to hyperglycaemia. They're probably related.


Ken said...

"None of us gets out of life alive"

Some say the most important 9 months of our life is before we are born. (Low 2D:4D = less chance of heart trouble)

Unknown said...

"Marry Christmas Peter" and Good luck for the remaining. May this Christmas come with lots of joy, enthusiasm and many more in your life.

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