Friday, January 22, 2010


Flying south for the weekend for my wife's graduation, I'll try and catch up with comments and emails next week.

Have a great weekend



Unknown said...

First time post, long time reader; well at least what I pronounce I read. Heh. Anyway, someone was talking to me the other day about how eating lots of fat was bad for you; blah blah. I brushed it off. That night it was on my mind and for some reason I remember reading something from the bible (not bringing religion here, but an old text none the less, certainly before Keys paper.)

"Genesis 4:4 - and Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock and of their fat portions. "

Nowhere does is speak "and Abel boiled a skinless boneless chicken breast with Mrs. Dash with a side of steamed broccoli with butter spray" to his family.

I digress. Cheers, dan

caphuff said...

Don't forget this part: "And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering."

Whereas Cain's offering was "of the fruit of the ground . . . But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect."

Hmmm . . . and then there was that apple thing with Eve. That didn't work out so good either.

Anna said...

Many congratulations to your wife. Have you ever been to The Eagle? It was my husband's "local" way back when (he spent his teen years in Cambridge, then later cam back for graduate school). We used to pop in for a pint of something when my MIL still lived in Cambridge.

The last time we visited Cambridge (several years ago) *I think* this was the place we had a meal out ( - found again by googling Cambridge gastropubs and google map satellite images). Everyone's food was excellent and the garden in back was very nice, if you are looking for a good family-friendly place to celebrate. I distinctly remember having lamb shanks, which were to die for. Reservations are recommended, if I remember correctly.

Lee said...

Hello Peter

Firstly, congratulations to you wife. Following on from the previous Paleo & fructose discussion, I have been reading more about SCD. Natasha Campbell-McBride's book is a real JK-like tour de force. She is a Russian émigré who now has a clinic based in Cambridge. Her focus is mainly on autism and other psychological problems, but it is easy to see how it encompasses whole body health. It is nice how it fits in with the OD too. Second on her list of immune boosters is eating eggs, particularly raw egg yolks. This is easily accomplished by using her Russian custard recipe - just egg yolks whisked up with honey.


Peter said...

Hi Daniel and caphuff, the bible is a rich source of pickings for these tidbits! Daniel Quinn in Ishmael has quite a lot to say about pastoralists vs grain based societies in biblical cultures, culture clash, who writes history etc. His take on the bible is interesting!

Anna, we were lunched at Jesus College (the irony of the college Mel ended up in is heavy!) and had the meal out back in Norwich later in the day. The lunch was good if somewhat interesting for a gluten free meal. Even the couscous seems to have been safe. Not exactly LC though!

Dr Dobromylskyj now has significantly more letters after (and before) her name than I do! Thanks for the congrats all.

Lee, the Russian custard sounds worth a try! I certainly view the OD as a LC version of the SCD, often without those nasty veggies. But when people are looking for carb sources yet have specific gut issues (you know I view auto immune diseases as gut based) I usually go to the SCD choices as a starting point...