Monday, July 26, 2010

Jimmy Moore on Dr Weil

Another one liner in case you don't follow Jimmy Moore, the post on Dr Weil is very interesting from the political point of view. Very interesting.



Unknown said...

Not that interesting. I posted this on the original blog post:

> Only time will tell, but with his noted appearance several years ago on
> 'Larry King Live,' his personal weight loss success eating low-carb, and now
> this 2010 column praising saturated fat and reduced carbohydrate consumption,
> it certainly seems that way.


Has anyone seen Santa Weil these days? Why do some people mistake a partial weight loss, which never seems to continue until a healthy weight is achieved, as some kind of amazing success, worth of a pronouncement such as this blog post. Jimmy Moore’s weight loss is the same – he was able to restrict calories enough to lose only some of his weight, after starting at 400+ lbs.

The low fat, whole foods, AMPLE calories diets such as those promoted Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, and Dr. Doug Graham DO work (low fat does not mean junk food refined products!). You Jimmy Moore followers are deluded… yeah, by eating less calories than it took to originally reach 300 or 400 lbs, you will lose weight. But is weighing 200 or 300 lbs still really a success? Especially Jimmy Moore after so many years?

Please… comical! Try a real diet which leaves you feeling satisified and doesn’t leave you making momentous blog posts like waking up one morning saying, “I realized I *need* to go on an EGG FEST in order to lose more weight!”

Comical. Please open your minds – you fellows could live much happier.

Walter said...


I've eaten as you propose and will never do so again. I'm much happier and healthier on a paleo/low carb diet and my weight loss was substantial and complete and its been sustained over 10 years.

Peter said...

Hi Walter,

I have no information about Dr Weil's eating habits but the company he has kept, judging by Jimmy Moore's post, suggests that it might have been a low fat vegan diet which injured him to "Santa proportions". I don't know. Perhaps he ate nothing but low fat junk food. Maybe. I don't really care.

I'm only interested in the massive shift in his outlook which suggests that he has a functional brain and can joint the rest of the thinking world. 2010 does seem to be a rather good year for the LC community.

Hachiya, good luck when the whole grains bite you. You'll need it.


John said...

@ Hachiya, Jimmy moore I believe consumed tons of "foods" that were processed and/or containing additives.

Anyway, when I ate McDougall I lost much muscle (I was never fat anyway), and I had cravings for protein even though I would eat 10lbs of sweet potatoes or 4cups of lentils in a day. And, I was hungry all the time. Losing 15lbs when you're already under 10% body fat is not personally satisfying, especially since I workout to try to build muscle. Anyway, now I need less overall protein to be satisfied, and I fill in the rest with buttered yolks or cream.

Sorry Peter, I know this isn't a "post your diet story" forum...

WilliamS said...

I subscribe to Dr. Weil's e-bulletins. His incessant warnings to avoid saturated fat like the plague have never abated, not after his endorsement of Taubes and not after his revisionist statements about saturated fat. I've been amazed at the contrast.

One example, a from a 9/2009 Q&A about coconut oil:

"The reason I recommend avoiding coconut oil in the diet is because it is a highly saturated fat (it's one of the few saturated fats that doesn't come from animals). Like other saturated fats, coconut oil can raise cholesterol levels and, therefore, should play only a very limited role, if any, in your diet."

His website contains a section on "How Dr. Weil Eats," on which he specifically addresses this inconsistency:

"Q: On the Larry King show, you recently defended Gary Taubes, the science writer who questions the value of low-fat diets, and who says saturated fats have gotten a bum rap. Is this a change in your views?

A: No, I have said this in my books. I have never felt that saturated fat was as bad as it is made out to be, if it is eaten in the context of a diet that includes mostly monounsaturated fats, plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, and plenty of antioxidants. With regard to saturated fat, I tell people that you can have some saturated fat in your diet; just think about where you want to spend your saturated fat budget. I choose to spend mine on quality cheese."

This seems consistent with what he said in the Huffington Post article cited by Jimmy Moore:

"While saturated fat appears to have no effect on heart health, eating too much can crowd out vitamins, minerals and fiber needed for optimal health. So I recommend sticking to a "saturated fat budget" which can be "spent" on an occasional steak (from organic, grass-fed, grass-finished cattle, see LocalHarvest for sources), some butter, or, as I do, high quality, natural cheese a few times a week."

Also consistent with his own highly hyped "anti-inflammatory" version of the Food Pyramid, in which "Other Sources of Protein," which includes "lean meats," "skinless poultry," eggs, and cheese sits right between Cooked Asian Mushrooms and Healthy Herbs and Spices—in other words, not much, actually "1–2 servings a week."

In a way he's right that his views on saturated fat haven't changed: he continues to excoriate people to eat almost none of the stuff, just as he has for eons (he has long said he won't even keep butter in his house for this reason). Nevertheless, I completely agree that his reassuring statements about saturated fat in the abstract are highly significant, politically, just like Krause's, even if Weil oddly continues to tell us it "should play only a very limited role, if any, in your diet."

PJNOIR said...

Weil will tell whatever group he is in front of what they want to hear. He is and always will be one of those low fat low cal dieters regardless of what he says about low carb to low carbers and to Taubes. He knows where the money is- Government backed lo fat.

blogblog said...

Most physicians (including cardiologists) have very little expertise in either nutrition or exercise science yet they are constantly touted as "experts" in both these fields by the media. A few years ago on TV a local GP gave a talk about the benefits of paleo diets. Unfortunately he seemed to think that HGs lived mostly on nuts, seeds and salds.

Unknown said...

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Anna said...


You said, "A few years ago on TV a local GP gave a talk about the benefits of paleo diets. Unfortunately he seemed to think that HGs lived mostly on nuts, seeds and salds."

That sounds like Philip Goscienski (retired MD) in the San Diego area. Am I right?

blogblog said...

Hi Anna,
no this was a local GP in brisbane Australia.