Friday, July 16, 2010

PPT and unreported side effects

Gifted by Gary!



Anonymous said...


Aaron Blaisdell said...

What would a hyperlipid cartoon look like? ;-)

Susan said...

Looks feasible to me! LOL!

LeonRover said...

Ach Jimmy

"'Tis the floower o' the Gorbals fa' me"

Anonymous said...

Maybe now you understand why i say CUT THE CARB :)

Steve Cooksey said...

Ah HAHAHA! :)) Love it ...thanks Peter.

Winalot said...


I just read your "A brief discussion of ketosis" post once again and wondered what your current approach to staying out of ketosis is? Is it still the odd spud, chocolate square (or 2), veggies and fructose in tomatoes?

I'm always in ketosis and still feel very well, but have been interested in all the discussions about having some carbohydrate consumption in ones diet.



rick said...

What does your poop look like? Does high fat, lower protein improve stool quality?

Peter said...

Rick, 5.

Winalot, I guess I get about 5 grams of starch from cocoa, maybe 5grams of sucrose form chocolate, whatever lactose is in cream or sour cream and then a meal. Meals just come as meals and vary a lot. We do have LC vegetables most days because we like food, I don't think I get any specific beneift by eating plants, it's just that lamb tastes great but lamb with orange zest with a little soy sauce, garlic, ginger and odds and ends tastes even better. Cabbage, cauliflower, leeks are all on our list provided they are sweated in butter and usually have added spices, fresh corriander, corriander seeds, chillies, more chillies. Madhur Jaffrey and Ken Hom have recipes that we adapt to LC and throw saturated fat all over... It's just Food.