Saturday, May 28, 2011


I think Liz, Dexter and THINCS where first in with this study.

Can't find it in Pubmed yet but I've got the pdf.

OK, first there was TC, then LDL, then sdLDL, then oxLDL, now MGmin-LDL and there was another LDL somewhere along the line, I've forgotten which it was... I really can't keep track.

Never forget psLDL (purple spotted, hint: It's made of sugar).



Stan Bleszynski said...

I love it! They keep drawing those epicycles. It's not even false - its just funny!

The Bionic Broad said...

Though I'm not s scientist, I do have a functioning brain. Instead of spending all the time and money to develop new medications of questionable efficacy and side-effects, why not just throw away the sugar, and consume the proper amounts of sat fat? I'm stumped.

Richard A. said...

"They found that MGmin-LDL is created by the addition of sugar groups to ‘normal’ LDL – a process called glycation – making LDL smaller and denser."

So maybe the real strategy to keep ones arteries clean is to try to keep HA1c below 5. This is suggestive that metformin may be better than statins.

John said...

I demand this be on all lipid panel results with the following condition: it must read "MGmin-LDL (super-sticky ultra bad)."

Peter said...

Well, you just have to laugh or you might just cry. Stress avoidance is best. Let's laugh.


karl said...

The current list:

LDL, small-LDL, oxLDL, double oxLDL, LP(a), oxLp(a) MGmin-LDL (is this the same as modified LDL?), glycated LDL (at the lysine). (There also appears to be many kinds of HDL - good and bad.. perhaps 100 types..)

The lipid theory, as commonly understood by MDs is pretty much wrong - but it is hard to say there is a correct theory ready to replace it.

There was some very good science done for the Applo program that showed us that fructose spikes trygl - but somehow that is still ignored 50 years later.

Why was this pulled off line? Size does it matter?

Was the analysis wrong or was it counter the financial interests of selling expensive tests?

My take is the NMR and ultra-centrafuge might only be telling us average BG levels - what real use are they - do they change interventions?

Peter said...

karl, agree last comment but the LDL list missed hGX-sPLA2-phospholipolyzed LDL (LDL-X). There is another LDL too, can't remember quite what's special about it or its abbreviation...


karl said...

Peter -
Had you ever seen Otvos' power point linked above? Seemed to point to blood sugar as the father of small-LDL and of course the disease.

Has the art of medicine confused correlation with causation once again? MDs are starting to run these expensive tests (with what possible intervention?).

Stipetic said...

Karl, even Otvos mentions that cholesterol just sits there on the intima until it gets oxidized. So, to me, it seems that the number or size of the lipoprotein is irrelevant unless it gets oxidized. So, it seems Otvos should maybe be spending a bit more time exploring what is actually doing the oxidizing instead of spending it all on his tautological calculations.