Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Listeriosis is no fun

Just doing my bit

Vegetables, nine dead of listeriosis

Quick edit for when the link dies:

"9 people dead following Listeria outbreak – Tesco, Aldi, Waitrose, Iceland, Lidl, Aldi – Issue Product recall. Please please check on old people and loved ones who may not be in the loop, listeria can be more serious for people who have weakened immune systems.

Full 43 product list for recall is shown as follows issued by the FSA".

All vegetables.



Geta said...

Come on, Peter!

As a vet you know how much fun zoonosis are!

Bovine leukemia virus makes me choke on my rare steak.

Poor vegetables...

Peter said...

I'm not sure the vegetables became ill. I wonder how many people have died from eating unpasteurised cheese.... Seems healthy to me.


Eric said...

Listeria on veggies was a new one for me. I do know there has been a lot of debate on raw milk cheese, and the EU wanted to ban it at one point. Strangely, when they find listeria, it's usually in pasteurized cheese or sausage. Apparently, you need the whole range of germs to keep specific nasties in check.

Bovine leukemia virus, had to look it up. Some postulate some effect in humans. Time to forego Brazilian, Argentian and US beef?

Malcolm said...

Do people have thoughts on eating uk beef after the recent BSE find in Scotland? UK no worse than other countries, no big deal ... or ... PANIC!!! EAT NO MORE BEEF EVER!!!!!! ... or something inbetween?

Peter said...


We were supposedly set for an epidemic of variantCJD. It never happened. Eat your beef.


Eric said...

Well, there was a mini-epidemic, a small, very early peak. This seems to say that infection can happen if exposure is to very high concentrations of prions, but the huge late peak due to lower exposure and longer incubation that was reasonably expected never happened.

These days, the load in the cattle population and preparation methods are a lot better, so nothing to worry about.

By the way, why can you still buy T-bone-steak? I'd think there is almost no way to avoid getting contamination from the spinal cord onto the bone and the meat.

Same thing, why aren't lamb chops banned? Because for some reason scrapie is not contagious unless it has travelled through a cow?

Peter said...

Yes Eric, I looked back at the small peak data fairly recently. You have also to be very careful with the prion hypothesis. It's "settled science" with some serious uncertainty. Alan Ebringer has a habit of being correct...


Shaza said...

I wonder if you eat meat away from brain and Spinal cord if you lessen chances of Prion diseases? ( I eat lots of lambs, some lamb brains ( scrapie YIKEs, but none in AUstralia nor prion in beef that I know of) but in beef mainly ribe eyes... S