Monday, March 10, 2008

Food; Mutton or lamb in orange sauce

This is the plan for the left over mutton tonight:

Spicy Orange Lamb adapted from Ken Hom.

You can use fresh lamb, briefly stir fried, if you have it to hand. I've got cold mutton!

Melt lots of butter in a wok. Throw in as much garlic as you like (say four cloves, finely sliced), about a cubic inch of fresh root ginger, peeled and finely chopped and the thinly peeled rind of an orange (no pith), also finely chopped. And some pepper, plenty of salt will come from the soy sauce.

After a few seconds of stir frying throw in the cubed lamb/mutton and cook until the fat is soft. Add two tablespoons of fresh orange juice from the orange that provided the peel and as much soy sauce (gluten free, we use Tamari) as you feel is safe on an excitotoxin basis. I have been known to throw in a little cooking sherry or white wine. Cook it a bit longer, maybe 5 mins. Add a little sesame oil just before serving.

It will probably go with chips tonight, might use sweet potatoes, but any other carb source would do. You know how you need something to soak up the butter sauce...

Ah well, another night without raw cabbage.


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