Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The internet is a strange place (2)

Tom Naughton has a post up which pretty well sums up why I don't use twitter. It also encapsulates why I do respect those people who continue to do so and are willing to endure Twitter Dumb as a result of actively promoting the consumption of Food to crowds with wisdom. As opposed to the Hyperlipid approach of: "Here's the info, do what you like with it". Mea culpa.

However, I do feel Tom is a little harsh in places.

In particularly he is grossly insulting to the mental abilities of some of the more common root vegetables. If a person in category three of Twitter Dumb has insight comparable to that of a turnip, how does that make the turnip feel? More fascinatingly, how do Twitter Dumb folks survive in the real world?

Happily the explanation for the continued existence of the average category three Twitter Dumb is summarised in this paper. Most of which is composed of category three Twitter Dumb concepts

Processed foods and food reward

but it includes this gem sentence:

"All organisms must procure energy to survive, and most lack higher-order brain functions that support consciousness".

There you go.


Also relevant:



Passthecream said...

"All organisms must procure energy to survive, and most lack higher-order brain functions that support consciousness".

This sounds like a description of Twitter itself. I have a mental picture of individual twitterites as being like neurons, responding in more or less straightforward ways to varying stimuli depending on their connectedness. Or possibly like individual ants --- it's hard to see where the whole colony is going. Where's the nest? Who's the queen?

Leads to interesting thoughts about fuzzy logic though.

I think it was Douglas Adams who pointed out that if you could understand what birds were saying when they twittered and tweeted you wouldn't really want to. For instance 'Hey look at me, I have this amazing big blue thing on my head' or 'Do you like my beak?' Etc etc.

Peter said...

Pass, it reminds me of the current mess of diabesity. There is no plan or conspiracy. Arrogance, personal ambition, greed, Groupthink, financial pressures, inability to admit that cardiologists have screwed up big time and... Lots of little nudges and the big picture emerges without any single person knowing how to get us here even if they wanted to!


Passthecream said...

There is a strange?fascinating? degree of reflexivity ie ideas recirculate and mutate, collect in big piles, oscillate wildly or vanish into thin air.

I'd like to close the feedback loop on Naughton's Twitter Dumb type 2. What are the qualifications of those people who challenge someone's skill levels based on their qualifications? If only I could hard wire that into twitter the whole damn thing might explode in a big cloud of purple smoke. My attitude to most social media is like Mae West's attitude to water. I won't use it because politicians $#%^ in it.

Present company excepted.

Passthecream said...

I did wonder whether Twitter is structured in such a way as to either be an unstable topology, cycling or oscillating chaotically, or perhaps that it generated those patterns of behaviour innately but in a stable fashion. There seem to be some very strange strange attractors.

There are researchers everywhere nowadays, you can't turn over a rock without some of them scuttling away. These ones are working from a diffusion model but they have worked out an algorithm to hunt down THE QUEENS.