Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have net access again, broadband rather than a mobile phone dongle with intermittent connection that would only talk to my wife's PC because my mac has not needed any sort of system update since a very long time ago!

Posts are coming and I'll try to do something with the pile of comments which need moderating with some attention and a whole stack of emails too.

Woo hoo, click and page loads, no 10 minute wait, that's good!


Sue said...

I couldn't handle a 10 minute wait - so impatient. Look forward to your posts.

Nigel Kinbrum said...

Wot, no title? ;-p Welcome back!
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Is it trying to tell me something?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Peter, I look forward to your posts.

Stan Bleszynski said...

Hi Peter,

Fascinating, I didn't realize that the order of insulin action (if I got it right) is:

#1 - to the liver where it regulate the rate of glycolysis (glycogen) and glucose uptake

#2 - lipolysis regulation (in fatty tissue)

#3 regulating glucose uptake in the tissues

I thought that #3 was the first, but what you wrote makes a lot more sense because it explains many things.

This information about the link between dry eye disease and diabetes was fascinating too since I had dry eyes that puzzled all my clueless doctors, for a decade between 1990-1999, which somehow "miraculously" disappeared as if by magic, when I adopted a high fat low carb diet (07/1999). Disappeared together with my metabolic syndrome. Within a month this was gone! Must be something about "genetics" or perhaps by chance since my doctor used to say that. He would also say that food doesn't really matter (then he would add "oh BTW eat low fat") ;-) Regards, Stan

T. said...

Hey, maybe when you get caught up you could take a look at this article:

which talks about this study:

They fed mice a type of bile acid, deoxycholic acid, and that leads to the headline that a high fat diet is linked to colon cancer.

I'm smart enough to realize that being fed bile acid is not the same as eating a high fat diet, but don't know much of biochemistry, so I have a hard time comprehending the details.

Nice to see you back.

Peter said...

Hi all,

It's good to be back! Stan, the converse of your dry eye comment is that there is a significant anecdote load amongst the raw meaty bones fraternity of dogs with diabetes going in to full remission by dumping CIAB.

Tonya, I'm racking my head for the song line which goes something like "everything you know is wrong". Haven't check the link yet but I'll have a look later. But it may be possible that drinking gall bladder juice for life while eating low fat CIAB may not be particularly good for you. Have to see if they carried the bile acid in a sucrose solution too (oops, getting a bit cynical there!).

BTW Stan, I'm really enjoying your series on what makes us human, monkey behaviour and team playing. I look at people on team building weekends from Big Business going white water rafting down places like the Orchy. Boring. Spoonfeeding adrenaline in near complete safety, but better than Disneyland I suppose. The same river tackled in a small kayak with serious decisions made, alone, after calculation of the risks and assessment of the water, is where it's at... Human, boat, water, calculation. No monkey. Yeasssss!


Peter said...


If a human were to eat AIN-93G they would deserve everything they would undoubtedly get. The study is a total waste of money and the conclusions junk science of the highest degree! Soya oil (not a lot) and sugar (tonnes of it).


Katherine said...

Stan (heretic): interesting on the "dry eye" issue. Mine also resolved after some time on a carb reduced, moderate protein higher SaFA diet. My blood glucose was always low fasting and pp #s were fine by conventional standards but clearly there was still something going on.